AI Integration

Need help integrating AI into your company’s workflows? FortyAU can help. Our experienced product team and engineers can help identify and create innovative AI solutions to boost your organization’s productivity.

AI Integration

AI Integration Process

FortyAU works closely with your organization to assess, prototype, develop, and train the AI model. In just a few weeks, we can build AI integrated prototypes showing immediate value to your business.

  • Assess

    FortyAU meets with clients to understand current workflows, pain points, and tools to identify opportunities for AI integration.

  • Prototype

    FortyAU builds rapid prototypes using client data and tools to show how generative AI can easily integrate with your company's workflows and offer immediate value.

  • Develop

    FortyAU builds data pipelines between client data and Large Language Models (LLMs), creating an automated custom AI solution that integrates with existing or new applications.

  • Train

    FortyAU works with the client to fine tune AI prompts and algorithms so the system continues to optimize as the organization grows and collects more data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to start using AI but don’t know were to start. Can you help with that?

    Yes. FortyAU helps organizations regardless of where they are in their AI journey. We can help stage data for AI integration, build data pipelines to LLMs, and/or train models to optimize performance

  • I’d like to keep my company’s data private. Can I still use Large Language Models like ChatGPT?

    Yes. FortyAU understand’s a company’s need to keep data private. During our assessment, we’ll determine the right secure solution for your organization and ensure your data remains private.

  • How much does an AI integration cost?

    Short answer - it depends. Regardless of the size and scale of the project, FortyAU strives to work within your company’s budget to deliver the highest value solution at the lowest cost.

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