Community Engagement

We believe in using our gifts and talents to do good. Through the FortyAU Community Engagement Program, we have been able to positively impact more than a dozen non-profits in our local communities. We love working with non-profits on their technology initiatives, so that they can direct more of their attention to serving their core mission. Our Community Engagement Program reflects our core values of passion and empathy in action and inspires us to continue to make an impact in the world around us. Learn more about some of the projects we have worked on below:

Community Engagement

Is your project the right fit?

We are always looking to connect with a diverse and impactful community initiatives. To learn more about our availability and if your organization’s project may qualify by contacting us using the button below.

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Our expert software engineers are available to speak one-on-one with you. During these 30-minute sessions, you can brainstorm and ask us what is possible or get answers to any specific questions or about your company’s technology projects.