Community Engagement

We believe in using our gifts and talents to do good. Through the FortyAU Community Engagement Program, we have been able to positively impact more than a dozen non-profits in our local communities. We love working with non-profits on their technology initiatives, so that they can direct more of their attention to serving their core mission. Our Community Engagement Program reflects our core values of passion and empathy in action and inspires us to continue to make an impact in the world around us. Learn more about some of the projects we have worked on below:

Community Engagement

Preston Taylor Ministries Outreach

Since 2020, the need for professionals in software development has increased significantly. However, many students are not aware of the potential career opportunities in software development. To address this issue, FortyAU invited a group of middle school students to visit their office to learn about software development and other career paths.

The primary goal of the event was to expose middle school youth to different career opportunities, including software development. FortyAU presented what software development looks like and its potential as a career.

The Event


Six middle school students visited the FortyAU office whereone of the software developers gave a presentation on what software development is. The students were engaged and interested in cybersecurity, with one of them even asking what goes into hacking! The students learned that becoming a software developer is an interesting and eye-opening experience, and there are various career paths, such as attending a boot camp or obtaining a degree.


Many of the students had not considered coding as a career path, but seeing the cool things they could do, such as program an app or create a YouTube app, helped them understand that they could make a lot of money in this field.

At FortyAU, our Community Outreach aligns with many of the company’s values. Currently, a cornerstone of the company’s culture involves senior developers mentor junior developers. By hosting this event and exposing the middle school students to this career path, FortyAU hopes to aid in the diversification of the tech field.

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