Existing Projects

Our team is ready to meet you wherever you are in the software development life cycle. Whether you need to add features, refresh design, or improve performance, we have you covered.

Have a conversation with our architects to address your needs and get a project started.

Existing Projects

Our Process

Software platforms that need new features, updating, or maintenance. Work with our developers to meet your product goals.

  • 1. Discover

    Work with our product strategy team of designers and architects to get to the heart of your company's goals.

  • 2. Define

    Create a plan that defines success for your business, prioritizes feature delivery, and ensures quality throughout

  • 3. Execute

    Let the building begin! Our agile team of developers will work in two week sprints to meet your project goals, iterate on your feedback, and stay in close communication through project completion.

"I've always dreamed about running a company that has no full-time IT employees, and with my apps developed by FortyAU, we are able to achieve just that.

Greg Flanagan
Owner, Advancing Practitioners
Existing Project

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What technologies do you use?

    Our development team has foundations in core computer science and software development principles. More often than not, there is a language or paradigm that fits your needs better than others and we want to ensure we deliver that for you. Click here to see a full list of languages, frameworks and technologies we are proficient in.

  • I don't have a technical background, can you help me figure out what I need?

    Absolutely. If you have had a sudden change in technical leadership on your product, are seeking a new development company to partner with, or are simply looking for a second opinion, we are happy to examine your codebase and make recommendations for where your budget is best spent for meeting both workflow and performance goals.

  • I am a technical product decision-maker and I know exactly what I need. Will you follow the requirements I send you?

    Yes. We will work with you to build a scope and are happy to take a project off of your plate. If you are seeking more hands-on collaboration, perhaps you should look at our part-time engineer offerings to add a FortyAU team member to your team for the duration of your project.

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