New Concepts

Turn an idea into a working product. Bring your concept to our team of experts and let us help you choose a technology strategy that connects your budget and timeline to your vision.

New Concepts

Our Process

Software platforms that need new features, updating, or maintenance. Work with our developers to meet your product goals.

  • Discover

    Collaborate with our product strategy team of designers and architects to get to the heart of your company's goals.

  • Define

    Create a product roadmap that prioritizes feature delivery to your business model, all while working within your budget.

  • Build

    Let the building begin! Our developers work in two week sprints to meet your project goals, iterate on your feedback, and stay in close communication through project completion.

We started working with FortyAU over a year ago, and since our very first conversation, we have felt complete comfort in working with them. Because of their transparency, quality of work, advice, consultation, and overall company culture, I see a very long and successful partnership with FortyAU.

Kevin McCarty
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to know before I can start building an app?

    Before we can understand what users should click on, we need to define your business objectives. Our first question to you will be - what value does this product provide your users?. In order to take an idea from a napkin to a clickable tool, we need a crystal clear vision of how your users will complete an interaction with your solution. Not sure how to get from steps A to B? Consult with our product design team to narrow down your user workflows before development even begins.

  • I don't have a technical background, can you help me figure out what I need?

    Absolutely. Our product strategists and architects will make recommendations for your product based on functionality, market trends, and industry experience. We find that it is not uncommon for first-time founders to have a great idea, but no software development experience. We have a team of qualified technical leaders, and are happy to offer our guidance.

  • I am a technical product decision-maker and I know exactly what I need. Will you follow the requirements I send you?

    Yes. We will work with you to build a scope and are happy to take a project off of your plate. If you are seeking more hands-on collaboration, perhaps you should look at our part-time engineers offering to add a FortyAU team member to your team for the duration of your project.

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