Real Estate Workflow Tool

FortyAU helped a boutique real estate client modernize their workflow, designing and building a software tool based on a client's vision.

Real Estate Workflow Tool

Project Overview

A client in the real estate industry was ready to modernize their business by implementing software, but couldn't find a tool that solved their unique, client-focused workflow. Their existing processes were taking place on separate systems for communication, paperwork, and inventory. This client worked with our team of designers and consultants to build a minimally viable product that allows their internal team and clients to centralize their feedback, organize their relevant property information, and collect business data that will help them gain insight into their business over time.

  • Software Consulting
  • Design
  • Software Development
  • Hosting
  • Ongoing Support/Maintenance
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Technology Solution for Real Estate Workflow Tool

Technology Solution

The solution our team architected is a mobile-responsive web application. For this tech stack, we guided our decision for technology based on relevance, low complexity, and speed to market by implementing a server-side Blazor application hosted in Azure.

  • Blazor
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Postgres DB
  • .Net

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