Mortgage Lender Gets a User Experience Makeover

Strategic WordPress Redesign

Mortgage Lender Gets a User Experience Makeover

Project Overview

As First Community Mortgage rebranded their company, a team of FortyAU developers and designers augmented their team to develop a new and improved WordPress site. The FortyAU team developed a custom-designed and -coded theme to house a multitude of vital mortgage-lending resources and a custom loan-officer search function.

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Technology Solution for Mortgage Lender Gets a User Experience Makeover

Technology Solution

FortyAU partnered with First Community Mortgage to develop a custom WordPress site that embodies their company’s rebranded style and “human” approach.

Drawing on UX/UI best practices, our designers succinctly organized First Community Bank’s extensive resources to aid users during the first-time home buying experience, and help them find a mortgage lender based on the user’s location.

The developers took this approved design and from it, buit advanced custom fields in PHP, styled the markup with Sass, and built out UI interactions in jQuery. Utilizing the JS Cookie library, they created an SEO-optimized search function to help users connect with a local Loan Agent.

The development team also built a custom social-survey function which allows previous customers to submit on-site reviews, as well as a knowledge center which users can visit to view all paperwork and forms without having to exit the site.

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • JS Cookie
  • Sass

Key Takeaways

FortyAU provided crucial development and design expertise to the First Community Mortgage team during their rebrand and site restructure. By creating custom themes and page templates, the FortyAU team set First Community Mortgage up success, allowing their team to easily and regularly update content without the help of our developers. However, the team knows they can contact FortyAU for any high-level development or additional features they may wish to implement in the future.

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