Healthcare Services Workflow & Data Transfer Tool

FortyAU helped a client in healthcare services build a custom web application for managing patient scheduling and electronic visit verification.

Healthcare Services Workflow & Data Transfer Tool

Project Overview

An in-home care provider was faced with new state regulations for claiming medicaid reimbursement. These new regulations required caregiver visits be recorded electronically. Their business was required to make a choice: adopt a state-issued data collection device company-wide or build their own software tools that submit data directly to the state's system. The issues facing the client were that much of their processes were previously transacted on paper, and if they adopted the state's system, they may lose transparency into important information their caregivers were logging. Our team consulted with this client to engineer a product that not only provided them with a certified compliant solution, but also modernized their manual scheduling process. The FortyAU team now supports this tool through maintenance and iterative feature development.

  • Software Consulting
  • UI/UX Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • QA Testing
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Technology Solution for Healthcare Services Workflow & Data Transfer Tool

Technology Solution

This full-stack web application is written in Elixir and leverages the Phoenix web framework. It uses many of the great built-in features of Phoenix, including live-updating forms over websockets, supervisors that launch and monitor background processes, and the Ecto system for interacting with databases. In addition, we use Sass for styling and have rolled our own UI instead of leaning on some sort of UI framework such as Bootstrap. Use of the Phoenix framework allowed us to get started quickly and move fast building out the application logic without having to spend time building out components.

The most complex aspect of the system is an integration with a third-party system used to electronically track home health visits. This integration required our team build hooks for nearly every interaction in the application, automating submissions of timed events, and comprehensive recordings of record alterations.

  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • AWS

Key Takeaways

Our client knew what their business needed, but didn't have any software developers in-house to help them. The FortyAU team was able to translate the technical requirements into a conversation about their business goals, and architect a solution that not only allowed them to retain control of their data amidst new government regulations, but also allowed them to make their workday easier.

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