Non-Profit Application Development

New development for a non-profit organization

Non-Profit Application Development

Project Overview

Givful is a unique enterprise startup built around the idea that all employees want to give back to their communities. Givful enables companies of any size to organize giving campaigns and volunteer efforts within their community. Working closely with Givful's CTO and internal team, FortyAU resources were able to jump-start and accelerate the product development of Givful's platform. Over the span of six months, FortyAU was able to assist them in building an enterprise-grade platform which ultimately culminated in Givful winning the Nashville Technology Council Tech Startup of the Year in 2020.

Technology Solution for Non-Profit Application Development

Technology Solution

The front-end is React with Next.js, while the volunteer system uses AWS Lambda (serverless) with Python. For user notifications, a communication service was built using Python and AWS Lambda.

  • Django
  • Python
  • React/NextJS
  • AWS Lambda

Key Takeaways

By embedding closely with Givful's product team, FortyAU is able to work to our strengths to provide a depth of capability (UX design, front-end, back-end, QA) that the company would not be able to support independently. Taking advantage of our culture of collaboration, team members worked at the Givful office to promote understanding of where Givful wanted the product to take them, with the FortyAU team translating that need into technical requirements and providing delivery expertise.

"As a startup, we weren't in a position to hire full-time developers, so it made sense for us to look for an outsourced partner. During our first meeting with FortyAU and subsequent follow-up meetings, FortyAU brought in the actual software developers that would be assigned to our project. This was a unique approach and invaluable to us. It allowed the FortyAU developers to learn about the scope of the project directly from us which empowered their developers to ask questions during the evaluation stage. In the end, both parties were crystal clear on the desired outcomes of the project."

Walker Morrow
Founder and COO

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