Learning Management System Integration

Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Learning Management System Integration

Project Overview

PsychHub was seeking a development partner to get their LMS solution viable and ready for market. PsychHub were branching their learning business into purchasable courses as a SaaS model. FortyAU worked to research and select an open-source LMS solution, as well as perform DevOps integration, custom plugins for certificate tracking and login management, as well as ongoing support and maintenance of the overall solution.

  • Third-Party Software integration
  • Custom Plugin Software Development
  • DevOps
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Technology Solution for Learning Management System Integration

Technology Solution

FortyAU researched and recommended the open-source LMS solution Moodle and educate PsychHub on the more technical aspects of the platform as well as how some of the plugins interact.

In addition to the guidance and education, a devops rework was put in place to reduce the complexity and cost of the current solution.

Finally, custom coding work was done to provide a unique solution to enrollment and certification for courses that Moodle does not supply out of the box or in its library of user-submitted plugins. Custom plugins were created to manage certificate dates by a payor (PsychHubs clients) contract and to provide codes for providers to both join a cohort (payor) and to enroll either with a one-time code or a multi-use subscription code in courses.

  • Moodle Learning Management System (LMS)
  • PHP
  • Postgres
  • AWS

Key Takeaways

FortyAU's ability to provide deep and wide technical expertise was leveraged significantly by the PsychHub staff in software development, technical leadership, and system integration. In many cases, small and medium-sized businesses lack the breath of technical knowledge needed to develop and implement such an integrated solution - nor is such an investment in full-time resources prudent within their business model. FortyAU provided that expertise, resulting in a solution that met their immediate needs as well as providing a platform for significant business growth.

We are so pleased with the work that FortyAU completed to launch our new website design and our LMS. From the initial design strategy - to development speed - and project collaboration, the FortyAU team helped set us up for success!

Andrea Womack
Chief Operating Officer

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