Exploring the Dynamic and Innovative Company Culture at FortyAU

What gets me excited to go to work in the morning? It’s the people, and it’s the culture of FortyAU. 

Many companies claim to prioritize company culture, but at FortyAU, we don’t just see it as important, we see it as one of the main sources of our success. We are a company for developers, by developers, and so we continually focus on and prioritize the growth of our developers and other employees. We do this by cultivating an environment of kindness, helpfulness, communication, and teamwork. A place where it’s safe to ask questions, to try new things, to be creative, and honestly, to make mistakes without fear of being shamed. We truly care about each individual at FortyAU and where they want to grow in their career.

As an Engineering Lead, one of my main responsibilities is to champion our culture. This is a responsibility I don’t take lightly. If one of the devs has a problem, I will stop what I’m doing to help; making sure our people have what they need to succeed and quickly addressing any concerns they have. And the wonderful thing is, you can see this across the company from the top down. We’re not just willing to help, we’re genuinely happy to. 

During a recent team meeting, we had a chance to discuss the team’s experiences with working at FortyAU. Laurel Morrison, an awesome software developer who’s been at Forty’ for a year and a half, mentioned that the company culture was a significant factor that drew her here. She said that the focus on teamwork and innovation, with everyone working towards achieving the company’s goals, has enabled her to grow professionally and gain valuable experience.

Corey Hutcheson, another awesome software developer and Team Lead who has been with the company for three and a half years, added that the company culture was vital in shaping his work experience. He mentioned that the company’s focus on one-off projects and lasting projects has given him the opportunity to gain more experience in the web space. Corey also praised Steven Searcy, another software developer, for his technical expertise and ability to handle multiple projects effectively, which is critical in software development.

Steven, who had worked at FortyAU for a year, echoed the same sentiments. He mentioned that the company had given him an opportunity to learn and work on many projects, enabling him to grow professionally. He also praised the team’s collaborative nature, with everyone working together to ensure that projects are completed efficiently, which is a crucial aspect of Agile software development.

Company culture is crucial to the success of any organization, particularly in software development. At FortyAU, our culture has enabled our teams to achieve project objectives efficiently, resulting in client satisfaction and business growth.

~ Mark Freeman, Engineering Lead

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