FortyAU Announces Exclusive Partnership with Amplify GenAI

July 8, 2024

FortyAU has been chosen as the exclusive implementation partner for a new cutting-edge AI technology – Amplify. The solution was built by Vanderbilt University professors and AI experts Dr. Jules White and Allen Karns to solve key pain points hindering LLM adoption within companies.  Specifically, the new AI platform allows users to choose from multiple LLM models (OpenAI, Meta, Google, etc…), create and share custom templates and AI assistants, and only charges for actual usage vs. per seat.

As the exclusive implementation partner. FortyAU’s AI integration experts work directly with clients to understand their users, workflows, and use cases, then extend the Amplify platform to meet client needs.  For example, if users need speech to text translation for highly specific clinical, financial, or logistical use cases, FortyAU’s trained engineers can tailor the platform accordingly.

“Today, if a company would like to see an enhancement to Microsoft’s Co-Pilot or OpenAI ChatGPT-4, they’re only option is to hope and wait for these tech giants to enhance their platforms,” says Dr. Jules White. “Amplify is highly flexible out of the box, integrating with multiple LLM solutions so companies have a choice on service providers.  Couple that with FortyAU’s engineering capabilities and now companies can have the exact platform they want for much faster and cheaper.”

Additionally, the Amplify tool allows users to upload files to a private LLM, keeping a company’s proprietary information off the public internet and addressing another key concern.  “We’ve seen a growing mix of excitement and concern from companies exploring LLM platforms like ChatGPT”, says Amplify co-founder Allen Starns.  “The potential productivity gains are clear but where a company’s proprietary data might go if used within the LLM remains a legitimate question.  Ensuring private data stays private is a fundamental principle in developing the platform.”

Another major barrier preventing LLM adoption is cost and scale.  Several key LLM service providers have begun selling licensing agreements to corporate stakeholders.  However, the fixed price licensing agreement locks companies into a single service provider, regardless of whether that service is the ideal option for all their use cases.  Furthermore, companies are charged a fixed licensing fee even if the technology isn’t used.

“I recently spoke with a company executive who purchased 2000 licenses from a large LLM service provider,” said Jules White.  “After a few months, the company learned that only a fraction of the 2000 licenses were being used.  The licensing agreement was for 2 years so they’re basically stuck.”

LLM utilization within a company can be difficult to predict. But one of the main barriers is training on solid prompt engineering, critical to getting the optimal output.  Amplify mitigates this concern by allowing a single prompt engineer to create and share assistants and templates for the organization.

“A single user can build an assistant to query a company’s PTO policy or look for anomalies within a large Master Service Agreement.” says White.  “That assistant can be shared with departments or custom groups and tagged for easy reference. Now one prompt engineer can power an enterprise with Amplify.”

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