Custom software and more benefits to outsourcing DevOps

Custom software and more benefits to outsourcing DevOps

Here at FortyAU we are an agile team of developers passionate about delivering quality software beyond expectations. We work together as a team to meet clients and get to know their businesses. Software development is normally associated with expenses and no cost savings, but it is our core.

Leverage our talent to complete your next project, support your team, or architect a solution for your business. Work with our design team to create an experience for your users that is seamless and modern. We design with development in mind using the best industry standard tools. Wether you have. DevOps model in mind, or need recommendations, our developers are trained as consultants to ensure your solution is optimized for your product.

Our team of developers work extremely hard to define your user experience, style your application to match your brand, or refresh your product’s look and feel. Using specific tech stacks to fulfill your needs we capitalize on web design.

We consider ourselves “language agnostic” and believe in using the right tool for the job. At FortyAU we portray the potential of web applications, back end work, mobile, and advanced tech. The opportunity to explore what kind of project you are working on with our specific technology can allow our Network Services to be used to their full potential. 

Let’s discuss custom software.

While our clients have commended us on our consultative problem solving, what we are particularly proud of is our ability to tailor our services to the solutions our clients may need.

Whether it’s workflow automation, legacy server integration, or new mobile app creation, our years in the industry have given us a keen perspective on what type of tech solution will be appropriate for different industry problems. While most of our clients are in the healthcare enterprise industry, as well as startups, we have been known to work with all industries on all types of projects.

Capitalizing on our artificial intelligence here at FortyAU, we allow throughout Web Development, Web Design, Mobile Applications, iOS Development, Android Development, software development, and UX/UI cloud migration to take over specific systems. We strongly welcome conversations about hosting, assessments, migration services, and general consulting for all your DevOps and infrastructure needs.

Being worked on for over 11 years, “Noah basketball” is mentioned in a Microsoft article posted on our LinkedIn page.

“That technology comes through the Noah basketball system, which uses over-the-rim cameras, Microsoft Kinect sensors and Microsoft Azure-backed analytics to track not just every shot made and missed, but the arc of each shot and the ball position within the rim. (Noah tracks this on both makes and misses so teams can see miss patterns as well.)” Microsoft dives into the consistent strategies Noah basketball uses and how its efficiency affects competitive play. 

Lets take a deeper dive into cloud migration strategy. More and more businesses are inclined to move to the cloud and we have the migration tools to optimize your cloud environment. Whether your business is looking to become cloud native or a hybrid lcoud environment our DevOps team has the experience to guide you through this process.

Our technology allows not only top notch solutions but we also provide top notch DevOps and Cloud Migration services. Automate and streamline your deployments. FortyAU allows artificial intelligence to create a future for your project with cutting edge technology.

Script out your infrastructure and step into cloud hosting solutions. Ask us about hosting, assessments, migration services, and general consulting for all your DevOps and infrastructure needs.

Have an existing project that needs extra development help?