7 Reasons Why our Clients Chose us for their Staff Augmentation

When we speak with clients looking to augment their staff, the conversations are often similar. There is an immediate need for additional development talent to either increase production, add a new knowledge set to the existing team, or the client is having a very difficult time finding appropriately experienced talent. Typically, weeks or months have already been spent trying to find talented developers.

From these initial conversations, we learn a lot about the client. We focus on their current needs, culture, timelines, budget, internal processes, skill sets, products, and roadmaps. One of the key differentiators for FortyAU is we aim to learn as much about our clients as possible before we offer any recommendations. 

Unlike a traditional staffing agency that just performs resume matching and doesn’t own the actual outcome, we carefully construct your team with deep knowledge of both your business needs and our internal team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

We don’t just offer you resumes in a transaction manner, we own the outcome of the team, provide internal coaching, and carefully monitor progress.  Staffing companies try to fill an “open” requisition, we try to fill a business need.  Oftentimes their short-term, transactional approach doesn’t end in a positive outcome for the client.

FortyAU aims to provide a true consultation for all of our clients. Our goal is to provide the maximum value to our clients whether through time savings, cost flexibility, tech evaluation, or quality of deliverables. 

What are our strengths and why do our clients choose us: 

  1. We can start in 3-4 weeks and customize the team to blend-in with internal team members. We understand the complexity of building software at-scale and that ramping up quickly is critical.
  2. We also understand the costs associated with idle talent, those periods where development needs inevitably slow down. By using FortyAU resources, you are able to scale up and scale down quickly without feeling the financial costs of hiring, training, insuring, etc and the cultural costs of scaling back teams or layoffs.
  3. 95% employee retention year to date provides a more stable workforce than enterprise is experiencing. We can give you partial allocations of people and be flexible within a project to scale up or down.
  4. Ability to tackle any project in any tech stack. Cumulative knowledge of 100+ developers.
  5. Flexible contracts. 
  6. Resources of all skill/experience levels. Enterprise experience. Mobile experience. Startup experience. SMB experience.
  7. Referenceable portfolio of clients across the country in multiple industries and multiple company stages.

IT staff augmentation is a cost-effective alternative for businesses to hire external talent in the shortest possible time. It not only helps in the specific talent-related scenarios but further provides business benefits as follows:

  • Pick the staff with the relevant skill set, seamless communication ability, and capability to adopt new changes with ease.
  • Get hands-on experience with emerging technologies and industry-related products fully matching your requirements.
  • Hire the developers temporarily, especially during current projects in progress or those facing near-term deadlines.
  • Eliminate monotony within the existing team of designers, testers, and developers. Bring freshness to the team and start thinking out of the box.
  • Bring industry diversity to the in-house team by bringing external talent who already worked for other verticals and assisted in numerous project successes

The IT industry continues to rapidly expand with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Enterprises are looking for agile ways to start and deploy software development projects with utmost efficiency. Counting on the staff augmentation model of external hiring is beneficial to get the desired talent for a long or term period swiftly.

Let’s connect to see how the experience at FortyAU can strategically benefit your company.

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